SmartLog is a diabetes management software programme that helps patients with diabetes to track and monitor their blood glucose levels through graphs, statistics, and other software tools using data from CareSens blood glucose meters.


The information generated by SmartLog provides useful pictorial views of blood glucose levels showing trends, patterns, and statistics. This information may be helpful for both people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals to assist and improve the overall management of diabetes.


SmartLog is available for download on WindowsTM and MacTM operating systems (Please refer to system requirements for details). To download readings from CareSens meters, a CareSens USB cable is required. Please click to purchase the USB cable.


Click here to Download Smartlog software for Windows

Click here to Download Smartlog for Mac


How to use your software

Insert into meter port Insert other end into USB port Meter linked to computer

Step 1: Insert pointed end of USB cable into meter.
Step 2: Insert larger end into your computer’s USB port.
Step 3: With the meter connected to the computer, switch on the meter. Once the letters "PC" appear on the meter screen, the test results can be downloaded to the computer. Full instructions on how to use SmartLog are in the SmartLog user manual.

A cable will be required to be purchased to link the meter with the USB port on your computer.  This is available to be purchased through the Shop page of this website.  Click here.


What you need to get started: System Requirements

·      CPU: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III or higher

·       RAM: 512 MB or higher

·       Minimum free hard disk space: 200 MB

·       Windows® XP Home, Professional (SP2 or above), Windows® Vista (32-

·       bit/64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit) or Windows® 8 (32-bit/64-bit)

·       MAC OS X 10.8 or later

·       USB port

·       SmartLog USB cable

·       Mouse and Keyboard for data entry and menu selection

·       Video monitor and adapter with at least 1024x768 pixel screen resolution and 256 colors

·       Printer to print report

·       Internet connection to send email



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